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Voter checklist for absentee, in-person, COVID-19, and provisional voting

As early voting continues to surge across Alabama, there are a number of procedures and rules voters need to be aware of before the polls open Tuesday at 7 am.

Heavy turnout is expected as 75 percent of Alabama’s registered voters are expected to cast a ballot. Voters will need to bring a photo ID such as a valid driver’s license, valid non-driver ID, passport, student or employee ID from a state or college entity, or military ID, among other forms. Polls close at 7 pm in Alabama and voters can check their voting location here.

Absentee Voting

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill tweeted Monday morning that over 331,000 absentee ballots have been requested and over 300,000 had been successfully returned, far surpassing previous records in Alabama election history. Monday, Nov. 2 is the last day to return absentee ballots in person and it is recommended voters do so to their local ballot manager as postmarked ballots may not be received tomorrow by the noon deadline.

Voters with Covid-19 or other Medical Emergency

Voters who have a medical emergency, or who have tested positive for COVID-19 on or after October 29 may still cast a ballot. Attorney General Steve Marshall issued guidance stating that a voter “who requires emergency treatment of a licensed physician within five days of an election may apply for an emergency absentee ballot for the election and may vote by returning the absentee ballot no later than noon the day the election is held.” The law also requires the voters’ physician to describe and certify on a form the circumstances behind the medical emergency and attach the form to the application for the ballot. Emergency applications are located here.

Provisional Ballots

Voters who lack sufficient photo ID, who are not on the voter list at the precinct, or who apply for an absentee ballot but never sent it in, are not allowed to cast a regular ballot. They will be able to vote a provisional ballot that will go into separate, sealed boxes and are tabulated at a later date. For voters who forget their ID, they have until the following Friday after the election at 5 p.m. to take the ID to their local board of registrars to ensure their vote will count. The board of registrars investigates all provisional ballots to ensure each person’s vote is properly cast and made under the law.

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