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Today is last day to register to vote in Alabama

County board of registrars offices open for in-person registration

Montgomery, Ala. - Monday, Oct. 19, is the last day for Alabamians to register to if they have not done so already in order to vote in the November elections.  To submit an application, Alabamians must be a US Citizen, a resident of the State of Alabama, at least 18 on or before election day, cannot be a felon who has been barred by reason of a disqualifying felony, and not judged mentally incompetent.

Alabamians who are eligible can register in person or postmark their application by 11:59pm on Oct. 19. Additional info on registering to vote is located here.

Coupled with the rise of registered voters and the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a massive increase in requests for absentee ballots. Voters may use the health excuse to vote absentee this year due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus.

In response, courthouses around the State have been used for in-person absentee voting. WVTM reported that there were hundreds of voters at the Jefferson County Courthouse Saturday after the Jefferson County Commission voted unanimously to open the courthouse to early voters with additional hours on weekends.

The Jefferson County Courthouse will also open on Saturday, Oct. 24 will for voters wishing to vote absentee in-person.

In June, Secretary of State John Merrill released data showing that Alabama has over 3.6 million registered voters. The number of registered voters is a record and turnout is expected to be close to all-time highs during the November elections. Sample ballots for each county in Alabama are also located on the Secretary of State’s website and can be accessed here.



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