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The Top 10 DNC Moments

The Biden Granddaughters

The Biden Granddaughters gave us a great view of Joe Biden the family man. They opened up the doors to their family and showed us what it looked like from the inside. To many across the world, he’s Senator Biden, Former VP Biden, or Joe Biden the politician. To them though, he’s just grandpa, and we can appreciate that view. 

Watch it here.

Ms. Cozzie Watkins

North Carolina’s Mrs. Cozzie Watkins became a star during the DNC’s State Roll Call. Dressed in her Sunday’s best, Mrs. Watkins gave us Mother of the Church Aesthetics mixed with Southern Grandma realness all wrapped up in a fiery package.

Watch it here.

Estela Juarez

Watching a young child read an open letter to the President about her deported mother is a tough thing to do. Chronicling the story of a Marine Wife and Mother who was deported after spending half her life in the U.S. pushed us to squarely focus on the state of our nation’s immigration policies.

Watch it here.

Mr. Ady Barkan

Healthcare is something that’s on everyone’s mind right now in the midst of a pandemic. Ady Barkan has been focused on it for much longer. Diagnosed with ALS in 2018, Barkan didn’t let the mysterious debilitating illness slow him down. He went to Washington and fought for better healthcare.

Watch it here.

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren took us to school. Literally and figuratively. She stood in a classroom and delivered one of the highlights of the convention. The former presidential candidate gave us a bit of her personal history, a solid outline of the Biden's platform, and, for a few brief moments, brought our attention to the need for better child care in America. Class was definitely in session.

Watch it here.

Brayden Harrington Brayden Harrington is a brave kid. In a moment that tugged at our heartstrings, we watched young Brayden share with the world how much Joe Biden inspired him. They both struggle with stuttering. Former VP Biden showed Brayden some love and gave him a few pointers to help him through. We got a little misty eyed when he showed us how he marked his speech for the night, just like Joe taught him. Let’s get to the next moment before our allergies start acting up again. 

Watch it here.

Dem. Presidential Nominee Joe Biden

It was already known that former Vice President Joe Biden was already the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. So this speech could’ve just been a standard, boilerplate “We’re good and they’re bad” acceptance speech. Uncle Joe came out and looked downright presidential. Flanked on either side by a collection American flags, Biden looked relaxed and comfortable. His tan wasn’t too bad either. We see you Mr. Biden!

Watch it here.

Former President Barack Obama

Seeing former President Obama brings a smile to many Americans’ faces. This time was no different. In a dark blue suit, still looking as fit and trim as the day he left office, President Obama proved very quickly that he was still in fighting shape. In his most public and directed criticism of the President, Obama made it very clear where he stood. When he said, “Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't,” we’re pretty sure we heard a mic hit the floor after he finished.

Watch it here.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama

Whenever the most educated first lady in U.S. History speaks, the world listens. Michelle Obama stepped into the arena during the DNC and reminded us all that she’s just as much of a political powerhouse as her husband. Standing firm in her criticism of the current president, Mrs. Obama also offered us hope for a better future. I’m pretty sure she got a “Girl, you did that!” text from Beyonce afterwards. If not, let us say, “You go Mrs. O!”

Watch it here.

Dem. VP Nominee Kamala Harris

When Senator Kamala Harris took the stage to accept her nomination as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, we’d just finished a heartwarming video of her family. We weren’t shown the assertive, strong Senator that we’d been accustomed to seeing. We saw “Mamala,” the wife and modern mom. The speech was like seeing Voltron form. We saw Kamala the Senator and “Mamala” the matriarch combine to form a Vice Presidential candidate that the entire nation can be proud of. We're pretty sure we heard a nationwide “Skee-Wee” and "HU...you know!" when she mentioned her sorority and her HBCU brothers and sisters.

Watch it here.

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