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TechMGM highlights Montgomery’s tech assets during Computer Science Education Week

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Montgomery, Ala. - This week, TechMGM, a Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce initiative, is hosting Computer Science Education Week and encouraging students, IT professionals, and the city’s technology community to learn, collaborate, and create together.

Computer Science Education Week is a virtual series of technology-centered events aimed at “leveraging [the] region’s existing industry, culture, and talent,” explains Charisse Stokes, executive director of TechMGM. The celebration is timed to recognize the December 9th birthday of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, an early computer science pioneer and Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy.

Over the past decade, Montgomery has increased in popularity as a destination for tech-based businesses. Out of the region’s many tech assets, Montgomery’s two Air Force bases stand as major anchors in the capital city’s innovation landscape. Fittingly, one of this week’s programs will include a webinar focused on the United States Space Force.

In addition to TechMGM, the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce has been a vocal supporter of programs and events that engage technology to bridge gaps between the public and private sectors. Each year, many schools and businesses take part in Computer Science Education Week programs, sharing knowledge and expertise for the sake of innovation.

This week’s events include:

BEST Robotics Education Conference, December 7&8

This two-day virtual conference for teachers will discuss robotics education, robotics team coaching, and methods for incorporating robotics into daily lesson plans.

Google Innovation Training, December 9

The Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Education Foundation is hosting a free project-based curriculum to help equip students with practical tech skills: including creating digital presentations, performing online research, mastering spreadsheets, and more. The curriculum is self-paced and appropriate for teachers in K-12 and higher education.

Montgomery/Huntsville AFCEA Webinar Series, December 10

The Huntsville and AFCEA Chapters will feature Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Steve Pierce, who will discuss the new Space Force.

Rube Goldberg Competition, December 11

Teams of River Region elementary school students will design and build a Rube Goldberg machine from a kit and provide a video demonstrating their Rube Goldberg in action for judging on creativity and complexity. This event for engaged young minds will explore the creative world of invention through science. Winners of TechMGM’s and Jacobs Engineering’s Rube Goldberg Competition will be announced on this live stream.

Glide App Design Competition, December 11

Teams of River Region middle school students have been challenged to create a new app using Glide, a software that allows users to create apps using Google sheets and without using code. Each team must select and build one of two applications, a class attendance roster app or an extracurricular activities program app. Winners of TechMGM and Serquest’s Glide App Design Competition will be announced on this live stream.

Girl Scouts Cybersecurity Badge Event, December 12

Women in AFCEA have partnered with the Girl Scouts in Montgomery to host a cybersecurity badge event for brownies and daisies in the local area to learn about protecting data and being safe on the internet, and other basic cybersecurity skills.

Esports Tournament, December 12

MGM Esports and Gaming is holding a three-on-three Rocket League tournament to expose local high schools to esports and the ability to launch a program at their school. Esports teams in schools have led to increased science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses and higher test scores. This event is open to students, IT professionals, gamers, and newcomers to gaming.

Raspberry JAM, December 13

Winners of the Raspberry JAM will be announced on this live stream. Teams of River Region high school students have been tasked to solve a challenge using a Raspberry Pi with a voice-activation system. Challenges include creating a virtual front desk, virtual graduation announcer, and virtual teacher assistant. Hosted by TechMGM, ALFA Insurance, CGI, and MGMWERX, this competition is an exciting opportunity for students to use their creativity and technical skills to develop a system using the latest Raspberry Pi technology.

The official press release for Computer Science Education Week can be found here.

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