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Public-private partnership brings Apple technology, programming to Alabama's capital city students

Last week, Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed and Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore announced the launch of MGM Codes, a joint partnership between Apple Inc. and Birmingham-based non-profit, Ed Farm.

“Today is a transformative moment for Montgomery Public Schools,” said Reed during the announcement. “MGM Codes will be a catalyst that expands opportunity for Montgomery’s middle school students through the introduction of advanced technology, enhanced teaching methods and STEAM-based learning modules. This progress was made possible through our partnership with private sector innovators like Ed Farm and Apple.”

"As we prepare for our summer learning program and the upcoming academic year, we're honored to have this partnership in place to help expose our students to coding and engaging STEM activities. Putting this technology in our students' hands is not only going to inspire them but will prepare them for the future. This is truly an exciting time for MPS," said Dr. Ann Roy Moore, Superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools.

The initiative is the latest effort from Apple and Ed Farm to increase technological literacy in the state. Already, Apple and Ed Farm have supported tech-centered educational programming across the state, with sizeable investment made at Alabama's HBCUs.

MGM Codes will promote innovation, creative thinking, and positive educational outcomes for Montgomery middle school students by increasing access to high-tech tools and teaching assets. The initiative also includes comprehensive professional learning opportunities for Montgomery’s teachers to give them the tools to

successfully integrate the new technology

into their classrooms.

The program also includes coding classes for students. Participants will utilize Apple's iPad alongside the company's Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curricula. Ed Farm will assist in offering programs that target teacher fellows, student fellows, classrooms of tomorrow and code clubs.

“At Ed Farm, we strive to create an inventive world where all people have access to the tools they need to fill or create the jobs of the future,” Ed Farm CEO Waymond Jackson said. “Last year, with the support of Alabama Power and Apple, we began creating that world in Birmingham. Our partnership with the City of Montgomery and Montgomery Public Schools allows us to expand upon that vision and positions us to serve more communities across the state of Alabama.”

Susan Prescott, Apple's Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations and Education celebrated the new initiative and the company's continued presence in Alabama's educational ecosystem.

“At Apple, we believe education is the great equalizer, and we’re proud to support efforts across the state of Alabama to bring coding and creativity opportunities to students and learners of all ages,” said Prescott. "We are thrilled the City of Montgomery and Montgomery Public Schools are teaming up with Ed Farm, a long-time Apple partner, to increase access to technology opportunities for middle school students across the city. We can’t wait to see the incredible ways Montgomery’s students learn, create, and engage through this new ‘MGM Codes’ initiative.”


Courtesy of City of Montgomery

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