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Partisan disputes put next round of COVID stimulus relief at "tragic impasse"

Washington, DC – CNBC reported that Democrats and the White House are at a “tragic

impasse” over another round of coronavirus stimulus following a call between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Pelosi issued a statement blasting the White House for refusing to double the price of their original coronavirus aid package bill from $1 trillion to approximately $2 trillion, as Democrats says they will come down to that number from their initial proposal of $3 trillion. Meadows told Politico he was not optimistic about reaching consensus on a new relief package before the end of September, and predicted Pelosi will use the government funding deadline, which expires at the end of September, to strike a deal on the coronavirus aid package. In recent years, Congress has tacked on critical issues like extending the national debt level onto necessary funding in order to keep government from shutting down. Negotiations broke down earlier this month prior to Congress’ August recess. Originally agreeing to provide additional stimulus checks to households like ones that arrived earlier this spring, Republicans are now proposing a “skinny” $500 billion plan aimed more at unemployment insurance, money to schools, aid to businesses and money to the United States Postal Service. The Senate will return to Washington after the Labor Day weekend.

In the meantime, Alabama added 929 confirmed cases today with an additional 27 deaths. The number of patients in hospitals across the state continue to decrease, as demonstrated in the statistics recently released by the Huntsville Hospital Health System.

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