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Our 360 News Announces "Our Yellowhammer 360" a series with Yellowhammer News

Our 360 News is pleased to partner with Yellowhammer News in presenting a new series: Our Yellowhammer 360.

The series will officially be launched in a video to be released Monday, January 4. Between a global pandemic, monuments toppling and a heated national election cycle, 2020 saw Alabamians spending a lot of time divided.

Our Yellowhammer 360 was created in an effort to bring the people of our great state together, regardless of individual differences. The forward-thinking series will focus on race, justice and -- most importantly -- reconciliation, all through the lens of constructive dialogue and action.

The mission of Our Yellowhammer 360 is to utilize the uniquely positioned partners to promote unity and advance Alabama.

Be on the lookout for Our Yellowhammer Speaks to kickoff in mid-January. This video-centric storytelling feature will highlight prominent elected officials in the state working across the aisle for the good of all Alabamians.

And, when it is safe to do so, the partnership will also rollout Our Yellowhammer Town Hall: a live event portion of the series that elevates productive conversation on issues such as race, justice and corporate responsibility.

Our Yellowhammer 360 looks forward to Alabamians joining in this impactful endeavor to unite for the betterment of our state.

Follow Yellowhammer News and Our 360 News on social media as the series progresses.

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