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Last day to request absentee ballot for November election

Track the status of your absentee ballot.

Statewide—Alabama voters have until Thursday, Oct. 29 to request an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots can be obtained in person from the county Absentee Election Manager. Mailed requests must be received by the county Absentee Election Manager by Oct. 29.

Alabama does not have no-excuse absentee voting. However, due to the declared states of emergency by Governor Ivey, fear of contracting COVID-19 or any concern for voting at their assigned polling place is an allowable reason for people to vote absentee. Voters can check the box that states “I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls“ on the absentee ballot.

Eligible voters must return their requested ballot by the close of business Monday, Nov. 2 to their county Absentee Election Manager. If mailed, the absentee ballot must be postmarked by Monday, Nov. 2 and received no later than Tuesday, Nov. 3 by noon.

Additional information is listed on the Alabama Secretary of State’s absentee voting webpage.

A total of 301,237 absentee ballots have been requested as of Wednesday. Nearly 80 percent have been successfully returned, shattering Alabama absentee voting records.

Some counties, like Jefferson and Mobile, opened their courthouses for weekend voting last Saturday.

In an interview with WSFA, Secretary of State John Merrill projected up to 75 percent voter turnout once all votes are tallied. Absentee ballots will be counted beginning Nov. 3 at 7 a.m.

What’s on the ballot?

Alabamians are voting for federal offices: President of the United States, all seven US House representatives, and one US Senate seat pitting incumbent Democrat Senator Doug Jones against Republican Tommy Tuberville.

While an underdog in a heavily Republican state, Jones has vastly outraised Tuberville and is campaigning throughout the state while Tuberville has taken a low-key front-runner approach in the final weeks of the campaign refusing interviews and meeting with supporters.

Additionally, Alabamians will vote for statewide offices, including four State Board of Education seats and the Public Service Commissioner President. Six statewide amendments will also be on the ballot, including Amendment 4 which will allow the Legislature to remove racist language from the Alabama Constitution.

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