• Chad Hullett

New Grocery Store Planned for 5 Points West

(Birmingham, Alabama) - Former NFL Player and Auburn Football standout Karlos Dansby is looking to open a new grocery store in Birmingham. Dansby, a Birmingham native, looks to occupy the former Winn-Dixie grocery store building in Five Points West. The venture is the first under his new company, Dansby Foods.

By opening a Dansby Foods in 5 Points West, Dansby hopes to impact the surrounding communities. “It’s one of the more heavily populated communities in the state of Alabama,” Dansby said, “the [old] grocery store served a lot of people, like 4 or 5 different communities surrounding it. They don’t have anything on this scale to service all these communities from one location. “

Dansby Foods looks to have more than just groceries on the shelf, they also want to provide a number of other services to its patrons as well. Dansby said, “It’s like an Earthfare mixed with a Costco. We don’t just want to serve food. We want to give people options and access to a lot of things we don’t have at our fingertips.” When asked about the structure and services, he said, “You can become a member to get access to other amenities. For example, you could buy insurance, buy items in bulk, maybe even gas, home mortgages…all that stuff. There’s a whole list of services I want to provide that our people in the community just don’t have access to.”

Dansby said he wants to help our communities not only through providing quality foods but also by helping people make lifestyle changes. “I want healthy communities, man. The food is the key. The way we eat. The way we prepare our food,” he said, “There’s going to be a whole educational platform behind it. We’re going to have cooking classes and the whole 9. It’s going to be education behind it for a healthier lifestyle. That’s what Dansby Foods is, a lifestyle.”

This endeavor comes a little over a year after Mayor Randall Woodfin’s “Grocery Store Update” report where it was stated that 69% of Birmingham residents currently live in what’s considered a “food desert.” Dansby plans to help lower that number by opening more locations in the future, “I’ve got plenty of Birmingham locations picked out. It’s a food desert. We have to be able to give the people in our communities access,” said Dansby.

When asked where he sees Dansby Foods going, he said, “You know I’ve already got it mapped out. I’ve been working on this plan for a long time. We’re talking Dansby Foods being a global chain. I’ve already scouted locations in other cities…I just wanted to start here first.”

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