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Montgomery entertainment districts enact new rules, scheduled to re-open July 1,

The Montgomery City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance proposed by Mayor Steven L. Reed to reopen Montgomery’s three entertainment districts. Mayor Reed’s proposal also includes provisions to enhance each corridor.

“This will be a work in progress and an ordinance that grows and evolves with the needs of our business community,” Mayor Reed said. “As Montgomery’s tourism and hospitality industries continue bouncing back, we will implement the policies and programs that increase foot traffic, vibrancy and

overall quality of place.”

As part of the process for improving the districts, Mayor Reed worked with local business owners to craft new provisions that promote growth, stimulate commerce and enhance safety. The results include improvements like the use of plastic cups to help restaurants and bars monitor sales as well as more clearly defined boundaries and improved signage.

Mayor Reed’s proposal reopens the downtown entertainment district, which was suspended in January 2018. It also reopens two entertainment districts in the Cloverdale neighborhood.

The strategy aligns with recommendations from the Montgomery United Transition Report citing the need for tactics to increase activity and tourism in Montgomery’s downtown and entertainment corridors. For more information, please visit


Courtesy of the City of Montgomery



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