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Jefferson County concealed carry permit holders targeted in scam

A new scam targeting concealed carry permit holders has emerged in northern Alabama. Jefferson County Sheriff Joni Money has issued a press release warning residents of the ruse.

According to the release, the scammers are using fraudulent text messages to ensnare their victims. The texts purport to be from a legitimate agency that processes online concealed carry permit renewals and asks victims to input personal information via an embedded internet link.

Permitium, a company that offers online renewal software, has issued a statement declaring that the messages are inauthentic.

“The link is malicious and has NOT been generated by Permitium or your local agency Permit Director Software. NO TEXT MESSAGES FROM PERMITIUM CONTAIN LINKS,” the statement reads.

Permitium further advises individuals who feel they have been victimized by the scam to report the incident to

Under the Trump administration, gun ownership by Americans has surged. Firearm purchases by Black Americans have also dramatically increased. According to Jim Curcuruto, director of Research and Marketing Development at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, "The highest overall firearm sales increase comes from Black men and women, who show a 58.2% increase in purchases during the first six months of 2020 versus the same period last year."

A 2017 survey by the Pew Research Center indicated that 24% of Black people reported owning a gun, compared to 36% of white people. In the same year, statistics showed that Alabama leads the nation in the number of concealed carry permit holders with 20% of the state’s adult population registered to carry firearms covertly.

Scams of varying types tend to become more prevalent during the holiday season. Sheriff Money reminds residents that the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will not contact citizens directly to ask for personal information or money.

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