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Huntsville among possible sites for Space Command headquarters

Huntsville, Ala. - Alabama's Redstone Region is among six candidate sites for the United States Space Command Headquarters. The Department of the Air Force announced the finalists Thursday after a yearlong reassessment. In a statement posted on its website, the Huntsville Madison Chamber of Commerce applauded the decision, noting the region's affordability and current 400 aerospace/defense companies that make it a top candidate for the headquarters.

“The Redstone region provides an unparalleled workforce for the U.S. Space Command with capabilities that include missile defense, aerospace, and intelligence,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. The region currently has 80,000 aerospace/defense employees.

The Air Force will now conduct virtual and in-person assessments of Huntsville (Redstone Army Airfield), as well as other candidate sites in Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Texas. Among the variables being considered are infrastructure capacity, community support, and costs to the Department of Defense, according to a statement released by the Air Force.

The Air Force anticipates making a public announcement on its decision in early 2021.

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