• Brandon Colvin

Detroit judge wows with viral Megan Thee Stallion-inspired dance routine

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Law professionals, and judges in particular, are not usually characterized as being upbeat personalities, nor are they typically known for their dance moves, but there are obviously exceptions to every rule. Meet Judge Deborah Geraldine Bledsoe Ford of Michigan's 36th District Court, who recently celebrated her 69th birthday in a flash of online style, grace, and surprisingly agile choreography.

Complete with age-defying splits, expert baton-twirling, confident shoulder shimmying, and a saucy soundtrack courtesy of Megan The Stallion's hit song Thot Shit, Judge Ford's born day moves, posted to YouTube last week, have swept the internet up in a magical rapture, a Black woman magic rapture.

The dancing judge begins the video by explaining that, under normal circumstances, she would be having an in-person birthday celebration with family and friends but that for the past two years, the pandemic had prevented her from hosting her annual soiree. The entire clip spans nearly 10 minutes—the routine begins at the 5:59 mark—and is more than mere entertainment. For the first few minutes, the veteran jurist thanks her family, but that's not all. She told Detroit's Fox News 2 that her video holds a message beyond dance for young people as well as for superstar Megan Thee Stallion.

"I learn so many things that's going on in the lives of young people, things that are bothering them, things that they're aspiring to—stumbling blocks," explained Ford as she described the eye-opening perspectives she has gained from the courtroom bench.

"To the young people I would like to say, 'There are older people that care about you, that are trying to reach out to you, and trying to understand you,'"

When asked why she chose Megan Thee Stallion as this year's birthday inspiration, Judge Ford did not hesitate to heap praise upon the star while also reflecting on her own family and career journey.

"What spoke to me about her, number one, she's my daughter's age—born in '95," relayed the judge. "Look at how much she made of herself in 26 years."

"She wanted to make sure she finished college. And her mother was a rapper, that spoke to me."

Judge Ford spent 20 years as an attorney before taking the 36th District bench in 2005 and like the Houston rapper, Ford also followed the professional footsteps of her mother, Geraldine Bledsoe Ford. The elder Ford was a prominent attorney and the first Black woman to become a judge in the state of Michigan. Ford's father, Leonard Guy Ford, was a 1947 college national football champion and NFL Hall of Fame defensive end. Between the athleticism of her father and the brilliance of her mother, it is not difficult to understand the palpable exuberance Ford puts forth in her celebration video.

"I always liked music. I always liked dance. I always liked color. I always liked light," mused the judge.

"I somehow figured out how to be public and be me, too."