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COVID-19 Cases Reported at Birmingham City Schools Administrative Building

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Birmingham, Ala. - At least two Birmingham City Schools Administrative Building employees have tested positive for COVID-19. Our sources have confirmed that the potential source of the infection of other employees could have been the direct result of a sick employee being ordered to come to work despite exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

Last week, an employee in the Birmingham City Schools Administrative Building notified leadership of their symptoms. The employee requested to stay home but was ordered to come in any way. That employee later tested positive for COVID-19. Since that day, we know at least one other employee has tested positive for the virus and others are exhibiting symptoms.

With school systems across the country looking to start back up in the fall, a COVID-19 outbreak in the central office could delay those plans.

Our 360 News submitted the following questions to the Birmingham City Schools (BCS) Executive Director of Communication, Ms. Sherrel Stewart earlier today after learning that at least two employees in the BCS Administrative Building had contracted COVID-19:

1) How is the Birmingham City School Board protecting its employees in the midst of this pandemic?

2) Is there a special sick day or time off protocol in place for the pandemic?

3) Are there any HR Policies regarding people coming to work despite having symptoms of the potentially fatal virus?

4) We’ve received word that multiple employees have tested positive for COVID-19. How many employees at the home office and the schools have tested positive?

5) As a follow up, we were told that home office employees possibly contracted the virus after an employee exhibiting symptoms was ordered by the HR Director to come to work despite being sick. Would the school system like to respond to this allegation?

Ms. Stewart provided this response on behalf of BCS:

BCS is devoted to the safety and wellness of our students and staff. We

have implemented safety guidelines and procedures for the entrances at all

BCS buildings and office spaces.

All staff members are required to wear face coverings. Temperature checks

and health assessments are performed daily. Frequent hand washing and

social distancing are encouraged.

We will continue to follow the recommendations from the Alabama State

Department of Education, Jefferson County Health Department, and CDC

for safe openings and re-entry.

The district is following the guidelines of the Families First Coronavirus

Response Act (FFCRA). An employee who is unable to work because of a

positive COVID19 test or because he or she is exhibiting symptoms and is

advised to quarantine by a healthcare provider will be paid for two weeks –

up to 80 hours of sick leave.

Data from the Jefferson County Health Department shows an increase in

COVID19 cases in our community. It stands to reason that an increase of

this magnitude also would impact school systems and other public and

private entities.

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