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Alabama census count improves to 99.9 percent

WASHINGTON - The US Census Bureau reported Sunday that 99.9 percent of Alabama households have been counted in the 2020 census, a drastic increase from September 30 when Alabama ranked last among all US states with only 94.9 percent households counted.

The increase stems from Census worker follow-up in the past week, rising from 31.7 percent to 36.4 percent. The Bureau originally planned to end door-to-door follow-up on Oct. 5 despite a court order extending the census deadline to Oct. 31. The Bureau revised their plan, releasing a statement that Oct. 5 was "not operative" and that data collection including door-to-door follow-up would continue through Oct. 31.

Residents can still complete the online survey online at 2020Census.gov and track census completion data at Census.gov. Information on state initiatives to complete the census can be found at census.alabama.gov.

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