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UPDATE Man Identified: Black Man Killed by Atlanta Police Overnight

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

UPDATE: Our 360 News has learned that the man killed in last night's officer involved shooting has been identified as 27 year old Rayshard Brooks of Atlanta.

(Atlanta, Georgia) – A black man was killed by police last night in Atlanta. While the details surrounding the police encounter are unclear, there is video of the black man struggling with officers and then running away prior to the shooting.

The video begins with a black male on the ground struggling with 2 police officers in what appears to be a Wendy’s restaurant drive thru. One of the officers, in the middle of the struggle to subdue an alleged suspect, has his taser out and the man appears to be holding it in an attempt to avoid getting tased. After a few more seconds of struggling, the man appears to get the upper hand on the two officers and stands up. He appears to take two swipes at the officers and then takes off running.

At this point the black man and the officers are out of camera view, but we’re able to hear multiple gunshots on the video. In the aftermath video, the person using his cell phone to capture everything is irate. The cameraperson states that officers talked to the man for 20 minutes and that he wasn’t acting aggressively. According to the eyewitness perspective of the person taking the video, the police initiated the conflict.

More details to come. The video of the encounter contains graphic content viewer discretion is advised.

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