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Birmingham Mayor Woodfin’s COVID message attacked by ALGOP Officials

A Thanksgiving message has resulted in an online battle of hands and hashtags

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin tweeted out a video Monday with the hashtag #DontDoThat, playfully showing families refraining from hugging and shaking hands at Thanksgiving. The video’s narrator suggest families follow the CDC’s guideline of not having guests or non-household family members visit this Thanksgiving.

One part of the video that is garnering some controversy has six individuals seated around a table and as one member of the family is about to hold hands and pray the video stops with the warning to, “Don’t do that.” It goes on to say “[t]his Thanksgiving, give thanks but consider skipping the hand holding.”

Alabama Public Service Commission Chair Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, who formerly was the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, soon tweeted that “government should NEVER be in the business of telling us how to pray and how to love our families. #DontDoThat.” The official ALGOP Twitter account retweeted Cavanaugh’s tweet, signaling their support of her message.

Political commentator John Archibald who works for AL.com responded to Cavanaugh’s tweet with one of his one, referring to the PSC’s practice of bringing generally Christian preachers to pray before PSC meetings. Archibald wrote that “Yay! So you won’t be bringing your preacher to public meetings to tell people who to pray to and what to pray for and against anymore?” Archibald mentioned that Cavanaugh’s pastor is an opponent of gay marriage and prayed as much prior to one of the PSC’s meetings a few years ago.

Laura Casey, a Democrat candidate for the PSC who Cavanaugh defeated earlier this month, tweeted in response to Archibald that “[The PSC] have to pray. Pray the public never realizes how badly the Public Service Commission is robbing them to make Alabama Power executives and shareholders wildly rich.”

The online battle may have had a good effect on getting Woodfin’s message out, as of writing over 7,000 people have viewed the video.

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to spread in Alabama. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama head coach Nick Saban has contracted the virus, keeping him out of this Saturday’s Iron Bowl. Huntsville Hospital’s system has reached an all time high of their most patients due to the virus. Over 2,400 cases were reported on Wednesday with 60 new deaths.

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