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Alabama boasts lowest average family premiums in the nation

Birmingham, Ala. - Alabama has the lowest average annual family health insurance premiums among employers nationwide, according to the federal government’s 2019 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services. Previous MEPS reports confirm that Alabama has had some of the lowest family premiums in the country for the last eight years.

The 2019 MEPS national average for an annual family premium is $20,486. The report below shows how Alabama compares to other states for average annual family premiums among employers:


1. Alabama $17,734

2. Arkansas $17,773

3. Mississippi $17,860

4. North Dakota $18,400

5. Utah $18,674

6. Nevada $18,720

7. Tennessee $18,748

8. Iowa $18,752

9. Kansas $18,867

10. Louisiana $19,032

States reporting the highest family premiums for 2019 are Alaska at $22,969, New York at $22,874 and District of Columbia at $22,311. The MEPS report, which is based on a national survey of individuals, families, employers and medical providers, also ranked Alabama in the top ten for single health insurance premiums.

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